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Is there love at first sight?

You discovered the object of your affection one day when you were going out of the movies, you decided to walk around the mall and there it was, you saw it peeking out the window of a store, showing its best angles and looking just perfect for you.

Regardless of anything around, you could only see it, your pupils dilated, your eyes focused on seeing it, a smile began to draw over your face and your hands rushed to touch its skin, it was the first time you saw a shoe in such an exotic leather, it was then when you realized that love at first time does exist, especially when it comes to Cuadra.When someone tells us that they don’t believe in love, we are sure that they haven’t visited our stores. Even if in your life as a couple hasn’t worked out when it comes to finding a perfect match, we are convinced that there is music, cities or in this case fashion items that can cause your heart to pound and your cheeks blush. That first sudden and random impression is a crush that will mark you from the first time and it will change the way you see things, you’ll want to do whatever it takes to have in your hands that pair of shoes, that bag or those boots. This February, we ask you to go out and find love in our Cuadra Stores or our Online Store, we assure you that most of our clients find love at first sight.