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cares of genuine crocodile leather

When you purchase a genuine crocodile leather product, take for sure that you have made one of the best investments in your wardrobe. The resistance that characterizes this leather is extraordinary. However, although this leather is not so delicate, you must give it the correct maintenance. Pay attention to the following tips of cares of genuine crocodile leather, and keep your products in perfect conditions.

First of all, remember that you bought a fine product and, therefore, you should use it with special care. Do not expose this type of leather for a long time to extreme situations or climates (such as expose it daily to sunlight), as it can become discolored and lose its natural shine. Plus the leather can become dehydrated and start to break.

To properly clean the dust from this leather, use a soft brush. This way you can clean all the corners and leave your products free of dirt. In case you cannot remove the dirt with the brush, use a damp cloth. Never completely wet, as it could damage the texture or the color of the leather.

Finally, pay attention since to apply restorative cream there are three options:

For crocodile leather with a brilliant finish: You must apply natural cream with a brush, in this way it will be evenly distributed. Leave the product for 2 to 3 minutes and then polish using the same brush or with a clean dry cloth.

For crocodile leather with matte finish: You should polish smoothly with a dry brush and for the semi-matte parts, polish with the same dry brush but more vigorously. Never use a polishing cloth because it will brighten the leather and will lose the matte effect.

For crocodile leather with nubuck finish: This is one of the most delicate leather, and therefore, its cleaning should be preventive. Even before using them, you should apply a layer of spray repellent. This will help prevent spots of moisture or excessive dust. This because, once the nubuck leather gets dirty it is often difficult to restore. If cleaning is required, rub with a soft fiber in circular movement throughout the area. Subsequently apply a little of special shampoo to keep in perfect condition the color of the leather. Once dry, reapply spray repellent.

Very easy, right? This is one of the favorites leathers of our exotic fans because of its textures and resistance. Remember that leather care products are on sale at our official stores. Go to our online store and get your favorite in crocodile leather!