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Cuadra Hats

There’s no question when we say that among the successful pieces of Cuadra, our hats have always been in the first positions. And we really can’t deny it, each of them has unique details and a neat confection that stand out from other hats.

The best of all is that there is a hat for every kind of taste, meaning that it doesn’t matter which is your favorite style when you go shopping, there will always be a hat that suits you perfectly.

A lot of people have the misconception that hats are to be worn only in sunny, warm days or in countryside events. Today you’ll find out how you can wear your Cuadra hat any day, anytime and for any reason.

If you are looking for a smooth, cool and fresh look you can wear a hat made out of palm. They look incredibly chic and they are so easy to combine due to the soft natural color they usually have. Our favorite way to wear them is with an outfit with bright colors like blue, pink, orange; or printed garments in floral motifs, animal print or any other organic print.

For a mor sophisticated and elegant look you can wear hat made out of genuine rabbit fur or even in a synthetic material like felt. The soft and fine finish of these materials are the best complements for a semi-formal look. You can wear with your hat a blazer, dress pants, a button up shirt or a black dress that you can wear for an important event or reunion.

It really doesn’t matter the occasion, a hat form Cuadra will always be the best choice to finish off your looks. Go get them to you nearest Cuadra store.