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Get the look of Anne Hathaway_withCUADRA

The movie The Devil Wears Prada is currently over 10 years old. However it is still one of the movies that every fashion lover MUST see. Not only because it shows you how the fashion industry is, in a fun way. In adittion, cause the outfits that appear on the screen are SPECTACULAR. We see Anne Hathaway moving from the unfashion girl to being one of the biggest fashion addict in the cinema. Today we will present you three of Andy Sachs best looks as you go through Runway, and get the look of Anne Hathaway with CUADRA.

This is Andy Sachs‘ Cinderella look. It is literally the moment where she transforms into a whole Runway girl and decides to make an effort to understand and participate in the fashion´s world. In it he wears a spectacular black leather boots that he wears very well with a skirt and jacket of military inspiration. It is practically a matter of balancing the style of these boots with discreet clothes. So that the footwear takes all the protagonism.

The hat and boots of this outfit are unforgettable. In this look Andy is slowly passing to “the dark side”. In consencuence, she begins to leave the soul to be the perfect assistant of Miranda Presley. This style reminds us of the looks of the 20’s. By the coat that comes right up to the dress. We had already told you how to wear camel in a special entry. However this is the perfect example of how to combine a total black outfit with camel color accessories. Simple and great!

It´s with this outfit that Andy crowns himself as the ideal assistant for a fashion magazine. All the accessories, the coat, the skirt and those precious boots! They make this one of the most perfect outfits in the entire film. We know that not all of us can stand our heels all day in the office, however there are options for all needs.

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