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How to combine the favorite booties

The long-awaited 3F17SL booties have already arrived at our Cuadra Oficial stores! And therefore, we have prepared a special article for you on our blog. The model that you have fallen in love with is available in two different colors, so we have several outfits that you can recreate in different ways with clothes that you probably already have in your home. Keep reading to find out how to combine the favorite booties of this month.

With matching accessories.

If you have chosen the model in red, a very chic and elegant way to combine it is with accessories of the same color. Coordinating booties, bag and a garment will be very successful as long as the rest of your outfit is neutral. In the case of the outfit that we present to you, it is the black dress that achieves the perfect balance so that all the accessories look good on their own.

Daring combinations.

The following outfit is quite risky in terms of color, however, the footwear in a neutral color makes the entire outfit come together. Watch here! There is a rule when we talk about fashion. If you want to mix several colors, make sure they are not more than 5. In this example we see black, red, pastel pink and honey. That’s why although they seem many, the reality is that they are fabulous!

Multicolor in catwalk!

This is an outfit for the most daring! Do not stop trying. Currently they are appearing outfits with monochromatic or multicolored vertical lines. Surely you are wondering: but how will I combine all those colors with my shoes if you just told me that I cannot mix more than five? The answer is simple: choose a color you prefer and repeat it in your shoes.

Now you have more ideas to know how to combine the favorite boots of this month. And if you still do not have them, what are you waiting for? Visit our ONLINE STORE and know the products we have available to you.