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How to take care of your stingray leather products

The stingray leather is a classic in the world of exotic leathers. It stands out and is the favorite leather of many people for its texture, strength and intense color. It is well known for its characteristic white mark, whether oval or elongated. For its properties, qualities and exclusivity we are sure that you have (or have dreamed to have) one or more products of this leather. And we are also sure that you want to keep them in the best possible condition for a long time. That’s why today we bring you an article on how to take care of your stingray leather products. It’s super simple!

1. Bye bye, dust!

Due to its texture, this is probably one of the leathers that accumulates more dust than others. And due to its intense black color the dust is extremely noticeable. We suggest that every time you store your products, use a soft brush to dust off your product. Brush gently in a general way. Make sure all traces of dust disappear. You can even use a small soft toothbrush to remove dust from the small corners.


Use a slightly damp soft cloth to clean all the surface that could have any stain. Your cloth should NEVER be extremely wet, so you must never soak the leather. Remember that genuine leather absorbs, and if you wet your cloth too much, the leather could be damaged. Clean little by little the spots that your product may have. It is necessary to mention that using products that could be abrasive is completely prohibited. If there are some stains that don´t disappear, we suggest you go to a CUADRA OFFICIAL STORE so they can advise you with an appropriate and specific cleaning product.

You see it? They are only two simple steps. Now you know how to take care of your stingray leather products. Enjoy the resistance and versatility of this leather, find genuine leather products of stingray in our ONLINE SHOP