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Key clothes for the warm season

Now that we’re pretty into spring, our wardrobe should be a bit lighter and fresher. It’s time to leave our warm clothing in our dresser for a few months, summer is not too far and heat days are just starting.

If you’re still in the process of changing your wardrobe , today we will tell you a couple of tips so that you can make a clean and strategic transition with clothes and accessories that you’ll even be able to wear during the cold season of the year.


Sunrays are intensifying with the passing time, during spring and summer they are stronger than ever and we have to protect ourselves from them. Cover your face and look amazing all at the same time with a Cuadra hat. It really doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach, the city or countryside; it will be incredibly helpful and it will add an extra to any outfit.


We already have a post in our blog fully dedicated to vest and how useful they are, if you haven’t read it yet you can take a look HERE. Vests are super comfy clothes that cover you up just enough, and during spring mornings and nights a vest will be enough to regulate your temperature and feel comfortable.


This type of fabric is feminine, romantic and stylish. Keep in mind that the thinner and more delicate the lace is, the finer it will look. You can find clothes with sections or fully in lace, and due to its characteristics perforations it can be fresh and ideal for the heat.

Next time you go shopping remember these tips next time you go shopping and you feel clueless about what accessories you can buy and would be useful the whole year.