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Today we present our new section “Share your outfit CUADRA” where you are invited to share photos and experiences with our brand. In CUADRA we make this BLOG with love and dedication for all our followers. That´s why we want to build this new section with you.

In this section we will publish every week all the photos that you send us, along with your name and the article of the blog that had inspired your look. To be part of our new section send an email with:

1. Name (as you want to appear in the blog, you can also add your Facebook or Instagram)

2. JPG image in good quality (1000×1000 pixels), applying all the tips that we will give you to achieve the perfect photo.

3. Tell us in a small paragraph what BLOG´s article inspired you, how you chose your clothes, and why you love CUADRA.

4. Send it to the email

Now, have you ever wondered how fashion bloggers do to look amazing in all their photos? Is your dream be an instagram´s influencer or a street style´s star? If you said yes, in here we´ll reveal the secrets to get the best photos ever!


What you want to achieve in this type of photos is that your outfit stands out and that you look incredible in it. We recommend you to try with the poses of the following image, as they look natural and allow you to develope your style to the maximum. Then, with a little experience, you can add creativity and do your own poses.


This point is something that must be taken into account! Because you can ruin a perfect outfit if the background is not the most suitable. The simplest thing to do is look for a flat background. Another option is to choose landscapes that reflect your personality (definitely the bathroom can not be one of them!)


Use the sunlight in your favor. It is always better to use natural light to do this kind of photographs.

Send us your looks and show that we all wear the CUADRA´s style!

All the images will be reviewed by the Cuadra´s image area to verify that accomplish with all requirements. The team and the creators of this blog have the right to publish only the images that achieve with the previously mentioned standards.