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New ways to show off your booties

We love them because they are an extremely versatile footwear. They are excellent for cold weather and also can fit for hot weather. It is a shoe that you can find in the most beautiful and varied designs and at the same time protect your feet against anything. Of course sometimes, we can´t have the inspiration to find new ways to show them off. That’s why today we bring you new ways to show off your booties, and leave behind the typical combination with jeans.

Miniskirt and Booties

We love this combination, because it looks super feminine and we can also rest at our feet from the stilettos without losing height. Wear a buttoned skirt and in line A to have a contemporary look. Or a skater skirt to give it a more feminine touch. When you think it’s too cold to wear a skirt, do not limit yourself. Just wear it with tights and go.

Jumper and Booties

The jumpers will continue to be a cute garment now that the season changes. Give it an autumn air by changing the shoes for some booties with a little heel. We guarantee that the look you achieve will be sensational. Complement it with a nice fur coat in autumn colors and a hat and you’re ready to go.

Dress and Booties

Wearing a super feminine and elegant dress with some tough boots will always be a combination that will leave everyone shocked. It is unexpected, versatile and made for the most daring girls. Also if you add a leather jacket you will accentuate the contrast and your outfit will be complete.

Midi skirt and booties

The midi skirts are comfortable, super chic and are a good choice on the days that it gets colder. Also, if you do not like miniskirts this option is equally feminine, without being too revealing. Use light and soft fabrics to accentuate your curves better and add drama to your outfit.

New ways to show off your booties are many, just get creative and get your favorite pair in our online store.