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Partying outfits

Whenever we go partying our outfit becomes one of the most important things for us. It’s terrible to think all day about what you’re going to wear, putting up the perfect outfit in your head and when you finally try it on it doesn’t look like the one you thought at all.

We want to spare you many headaches, that’s why on today’s blog we will give you a few tips that you can use to create your party outfits and look beyond amazing.

Be different

It’s pretty common that all of us women immediately grab our high heels and put them on. Take a little risk and try to use something completely different, we don’t want you to look like the rest, be sure that your booties will make a difference. You can look as sophisticated as you would with heels, but you can always bring a new vibe to your look. Wear them with anything you want, short or long dresses, short or long skirts, jeans, pants, leggings. There’s a million options.

Comfort is key

We love big purses, it’s no secret that they’re our favorites for several reasons. To be honest, big purse is not the most comfortable thing to take to a party. It’s way better if you take a crossbody bag, you can carry it on your shoulder or cross it and your hand will be 100% free. You don’t have to worry about leaving it somewhere because you can have it all the time with you.

For something more casual

If the party you’re attending is not very fancy or formal, or if you happen no to be in the mood of wearing high heels it’s completely understandable to wear flat shoes. After all, your comfort comes first, don’t sacrifice style for comfort or the other way around. You can choose among flats, sandals, loafers, or even sneakers; adapt them to your style.

Be in charge of all the fun side of partying, with Cuadra and these tips, everything will be as easy as breathing.