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Fashion tips for petite girls

When it comes to dressing a petite girl, it matters EVERYTHING. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but with all the oversized trends and silhouettes more relaxed, if you measure less than 1.60 it seems that the fashion world wants to bury you in layers of clothes. We don´t tell you not to follow the trends, just apply the following fashion tips for petite girls and share them with your friends.

It´s all about the waist!

Applies both in pants and jackets. ALWAYS prefer those that mark your waist. It seems a very basic advice, but most of the time we forget it. The trick is to highlight where your legs end, and if they seem extra-long, much better! We know that not all the time you want to wear high heels, and lengthening your legs by marking your waist is a strategy that will not cost you any effort.

Necklines yes please!

Another tip for the owners of petite figures, is always to let see some skin. Attention! It is not about showing off, but to lengthen your figure thanks to the necklines. Always prefers V necklines as they give the illusion that your neck lengthen. Another neckline that is perfect for the petite girls is the one that lets see the shoulders, especially with loose and oversized garments. Use this to your advantage and show a little!

Footwear of the correct color

With this tip we do not mean that you exile from your closet all the shoes that are in a different color. Only you need to see the great utility that has a pair of shoes in nude color. Even more if they have heel! For being literally “skin color” you can use them with skirts and dresses and it will seem that your legs have no end. Remember that the ultimate rule here is to lengthen your legs so that you look visually taller. A fabulous pair of nude shoes can be found HERE in our online store.

These are our fashion tips for petite girls. Remember that we have more articles on how to wear certain types of silhouettes. Look at them all here.