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The bag that combines with everything

Investing in a new bag can be one of the most important decisions in any woman’s life. Ok, maybe it’s a little exaggerated. But it´s a real decision with which many questions come. Especially because if we have decided to buy it is because we want to show off with as many outfits as possible. Today we will tell you how to select THE bag, the one that will crown our wardrobe and our outfits, the bag that combines with everything.


Probably the first questions that come to your head is: what color would I choose? The answer is complicated. Although the safe bet would be to choose neutral colors like black, honey or brown, the truth is that this depends entirely on your style. For example, if your style is classic, you use many neutral colors and you are formal, a red, blue or even green bag will work to give life to your outfits. On the other side, if your style is more risky, check where your style leans more. Do you use more warm or cool tones? If you use warm tones you may prefer a brown bag. If you use more cold tones, choose a black bag.


The size of a bag does matter, our silhouette is complemented by it! If you are petite, choose a medium or small bag. In case you are tall, a huge tote will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if your body is more voluptuous from the top, choose a long-handled bag that reaches just below your hips. If on the contrary, your legs and hips are voluptuous choose a hand bag.


Again, this option will depend a lot on your style. However, we can mention that timeless styles such as shoulder bags, totes and, in general, rectangular-shaped bags. They are a classic that will never disappear. As much as we see hobos or circular clutch on runways, a rectangular bag will always be avant-garde.

You are ready to go in search of the bag that combines with everything. We assure you that in our ONLINE STORE you will find incredible designs.