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When it comes to accessories, bags turn out to be one of the objects of desire of most fashionistas. A good bag can make your outfit change from boring to chic in one blink! But did you know that there is a bag that you should use according to your body type? Don´t? Well, continue reading, since there is indeed a style that will be more flattering to you according to your figure.

If you are tall and thin.

A maxi-bag is perfect for those who are very tall. It will be proportional to your body and you can combine it with your most daring outfits. Never use too small bags or crossbody bags, as it will look like an extension of your body.

If you are short and thin.

If your height is small and you are thin, we recommend you use small bags with rounded lines. Small handbags or crossbody bags will work in excellent way for you. The point in here is that you dom´t look like a little doll carrying a huge groceries bag. Remember that this is about YOU showing the accessory.

If you are short and curvy.

If you are a girl with curves, we recommend medium-sized bags with angular lines. The bags in a very geometric style are perfect for you. Its angles will contrast with your curves and you will be able to distance the accessory from your body. In case you are curvy and tall, only add a bag with the same structure but larger.

Sometimes, the key to an impeccable attire is in using the right accessories. Do not ruin a spectacular outfit by using the wrong bag. Now you know what bag you should use according to your body type. Get the one that fits you in our OFFICIAL STORES or by entering our ONLINE STORE