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The skirt that we ALL will be wearing whe

With all the western inspiration we are having this 2018 has returned a garment that will remind us of our childhood and adolescence: the denim skirt. We already want the heat to come so we can wear it all the time! Keep reading so you know all the details on how to wear the skirt that we all will be wearing when spring arrives.

With western-inspired blouses

Blouses with ruffles, fringes or embroidery will be the perfect companions for denim skirts. We have seen that the skirts that are better positioned on the brands are those with buttons at the center or on the sides. Remember that on your next visit to stores! Obviously complement the cowgirl style with a pair of very traditional booties and you’ll be ready.

With cut out booties

Soon the most chic booties of spring will be arriving in our stores! And they will be the perfect complement for denim skirts. Some brands are betting to make mini skirts with overall style that look super feminine and obviously reflect the western style. If you combine them with open booties you will achieve a fresh and different look, perfect for spring!

With leather high boots

We are looking at the perfect cowgirl look, but we want to show you a cool and very fashionable alternative. A denim mini and a pair of high boots. Obviously try to make a mix with more modern and chic elements so you do not look like you’re wearing a cowgirl costume. The secret of trends is to use them in a smooth way. Use neutral garments and let the rest take center stage.

So you know, this is the skirt that we all will be wearing when spring arrives. Take note of how to wear it and get the perfect accessories for your western style in our online store.