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The women’s guide to use a blazer

A basic piece of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe is a navy blue or black blazer, as it has many variations to use, that besides keeping you warm, will make you look like a modern woman.

There are many ways to combine a blazer, adding a casual or a formal touch to your style, depending on the items that you decide to combine.

With a Dress or Skirt

A blazer is a great item to make you look elegant and that can help you add a sober touch to an outfit that by itself could look very showy. A blazer is the item that will help you create a great balance and that can even help you camouflage your figure if you have some imperfections in arms or hips. Complement your outfit with a clutch bag and stilettos that will create the perfect balance for your outfit.

With jeans

You can have a very relaxed look and totally acceptable to go to work or situations that require a little more formal touch like a work reunion. Combine it with a jersey, a button shirt and bostonian shoes or flats for a look that can be perfect even for a family day out.

With leggins

Wear them with a blouse, a long shirt, the same length of your blazer and leggings. Use it with a pair of platform shoes to add a seventies vibe that will make you look fantastic the whole time. You can add a very feminine touch to your outfit with a maxicollar.

The clothes that you use to combine your blazer will make this item a must in your wardrobe.

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