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The habits of a true Gentleman

Times have changed during the new millennium, the habits and behaviors of gentlemen have transformed along with time, but we continue to honor the values that distinguish us as true gentlemen in every part of the world.

A true gentleman knows how to follow a lifestyle based on honor and principles that lead him in a respectable way in his surroundings, so we gathered some basic rules to demonstrate the kind of gentleman you are.

Suit up!

Always use the best items of your wardrobe, every day is an excellent opportunity to show yourself to the world, regardless of what other men decide to wear. Nothing stands out more in a room than a well-dressed man who knows how to wear his attire with the required touch of elegance. A suit and a pair of bostonian shoes will work perfectly. If you want to add a casual touch, you can wear a python leather messenger bag, where you can carry with you the ‘must’ objects you need during your day.

Find the right proportion

The tailor made suit exists for a reason. When shopping, look for suits that fit the length you need and the width of your shoulders, you can avoid issues if you look for the size that fits you best or find a tailor who can help you make the arrangements that your attires need.

Your routine is private

Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape, however, not everyone needs to find out about every exercise in your routine. It’s false that if you don’t post a ‘selfie’ in the gym, your routine will not show results. It’s better to keep private your personal routines, the best way is to let results speak for themselves.

Learn to make the most of yourself

No one knows what looks better on you than yourself. You know the colors that go best with your skin tone, the styles that go best with your hair and a style that reflects your personality. Assemble a wardrobe that includes outfits that highlight the best of you and project the true gentleman that you are.

Your personality is what makes you a gentleman

Finally, what highlights the best of a gentleman are his manners. We’re not asking you to become an English lord wearing a monocle, simply to follow the basic rules of social interaction with those around you: saying please and thank you, respecting the space and points of view of others won’t cost a thing and will definitely make things much easier for you.

After clarifying these points, there is no way that you don’t bring out the gentleman in you. Let’s put them in practice from this moment on.

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