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Three elements to renew your favorite boots

We know that one of the best things about this cold season is that you can wear your boots almost every day. However, we also know that surely with the passing of days, the ideas to combine them can be finished. Or you might have a pair in the closet that probably bored you or you do not know how to look. No matter what your case, today we bring you three elements to renew your favorite boots. You will be surprised to see what such a simple detail can do for you.

Warmers + romantic look

The warmers are small pieces woven, made to be over the top of your boots. You can find them almost anywhere! A detail as small as this, can do a lot for your outfit and make it look perfect for winter and super chic. It will also make your boots look different and keep your legs very warm.

Tights + alternative look

Tights with some fun detail will make your outfit look different. When you think those black booties cannot do anything else for you, try to wear them with this item. You will see that they immediately take on a new air and you can use them with more formal outfits. If you are not a girl who likes high heels a lot, wearing boots with tights will be your favorite choice.

Leggings + casual look

Forget about jeans for a few days. Leggings can do a lot more for you than some pants. You will see that visually they will create a better silhouette for being tighter and that your legs will look longer and more stylized. Besides that they are an excellent option to use under several layers of clothes.

Which of these three elements to renew your favorite boots convinces you? Remember that the models that we present here are available in our online store.