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Tips for renewing your closet

2020 is here, this is the transition year for a new decade. Every start of a year is good to make some changes in our life and routine, even if they’re small ones, as long as they improve something.

On today’s blog we will give you a few tips to make some changes in your wardrobe this 2020.

Say goodbye to the things you don’t use

We all have clothes and many other things in our closet that we haven’t worn even in years and they’re just taking up space. There’s not a better feeling than having a clean and spacious wardrobe, in which we know that everything in it is useful and we wear it regularly. Get rid of all those things you don’t wear anymore, donate what still is in good shape and throw away what isn’t useful for anyone anymore.

Select what you’ll keep

Make an exhaustive selection of what you’re gonna keep. Sometimes it can be hard to get rid of something because it has a special value, it reminds you of something or something or we convince ourselves that we will wear it again someday. Let’s be honest with ourselves and embrace the fact that those things are just a burden, so keep only what you really like and what you actually wear, you already know what to do with the rest. Acquisitions

Add new acquisitions

It’s not about filling your closet just because. Only add strategic clothes, accessories and footwear, something that you can wear with plenty of things and in many occasions. So next time you go shopping remember to only buy what you really love, need and will be useful.

Remember that a clean and tidy space will also help you to clear and tide up your mind. Renew your style with Cuadra.