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Ultimate gift guide for Christmas

If a family member, friend or you are a fan of the brand, you have just arrived at the right place. The special dates are approaching, and so that you don´t end up making panic purchases on December 24th, we suggest you read this ultimate gift guide for Christmas. In here you can find ideas to give gifts full of sophistication, luxury and a great style. The best gifts come in Cuadra boxes. Now read on and discover everything we have available for you in our ONLINE STORE

Bags or shoulder bags

An infallible option if you do not know the exact sizes of the person to whom you will make the Christmas gift. By giving an accessory like these you make sure that the gift it´s good and you avoid future complications, such as having to change the size or something like that. If you choose to give this present, be sure to give one in a neutral color. You make sure that the person who receives it can combine it regardless of the colors of their wardrobe.


This accessory is an option that not many people think, however, think about it! Everyone will need a belt at some point. And no, with this we do not mean that it is a boring gift. Especially if it is a Cuadra belt, with handcrafted details and a touch of exotic leather. We assure you that it will be an incredible detail for the person who receives it.


Besides being useful, giving a wallet in many cultures is a signal of abundance. To give it to a person means to wish him abundance in material goods and fortune, especially in these times. So why not also give a significant detail and also luxurious? A wallet will always be well received, it is an accessory that you should definitely think to include on your gift list.

Ready for Christmas? In CUADRA we are Santa’s happy helpers, and this is our ultimate gift guide for Christmas. We have everything you need for this special date.