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reasons why you need black booties

We know that a pair of black booties is an essential, we have heard and read that statement a million times. However, most of the time the reasons sound little applicable in real life. Today we bring to you the PROVEN reasons why you need black booties. We will focus especially on how you can use a single pair of black booties on 3 occasions and with 3 completely different outfits. Keep reading and convince yourself to acquire that pair of booties that will be the best investment of your wardrobe.

They work for a party … without high heels

Parties and special occasions for some can represent a headache … and feet ache. It’s here when some elegant high-heeled booties can save your life. Their heel is wider and the firmness that will give to your feet will be a great help. Wear an elegant outfit, with a lace skirt to give it even more sophistication and you’ll be ready for a charming night.

They work with a colorful outfit…

Let’s be honest. When our outfits are multicolored a pair of black booties will come to save the day. And there is nothing that combines better! If you have a very original set, with different textures or very intense colors, it´s better if your shoes are neutral. Repeat the color with black accessories, as in lenses, jewelry or a hat. Chic and daring!

They work with your office´s outfits.

And finally, the same booties that worked for your party outfits or for your weekend, can work for an office outfit. How? Well, only by combining them with the correct formal garments. A formal blazer and palazzo will give you an outfit with great strength for the office.

Have you already convinced yourself to make the best investment in your wardrobe with these reasons why you need black booties? Remember that these and more models can be obtained directly in our ONLINE STORE.