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How to combine the boots over the knee

Or new season´s boots have already arrived to our stores! A design that will become your favorite during these cold months. We talk about our model J20PMRI, a fabulous boot over the knee, which fits your leg thanks to the laces that it has in the back. In addition, being a model without heel, it is comfortable and ideal to wear all the time. However, you should wear it with specific garments, to achieve a sophisticated and chic style. Keep reading, we’ll tell you how to combine the boots over the knee.

Daring but classic, with a black dress.

The first of our suggested outfits: a classic black dress. We have all heard that in your wardrobe can´t miss a black dress. Well today we confirm it! The black dress is the infallible outfit to match with your boots over the knee. Come on! Only, we must say that it is always better to wear a covered and discreet dress. The boots are already bold enough. Balance your style with a discreet, long-sleeved dress. Can these boots be worn with pants? Yes, but try with a black ones. This way your legs will look long and stylish.

Dragging the street style, with miniskirt and oversized sweater.

A novel style, perfect for women who want to stand out. Combine these boots with an oversized sweater. You know, those sweaters that you could practically wear as a dress. It’s time to give them the most modern touch with this pair. If you do not dare to wear only the sweater, wear it with a miniskirt, but always remember to fasten the front of the sweater. In this way you will delimit your waist and look more stylized.

Which of these outfits do you like the most? Can you think of any other way to combine the boots over the knee? Leave us your comments! We would love to know how you combine this fabulous pair.