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How to wear jeans this winter and look fabulous

Yes, we know. We have written many articles telling you how to combine different clothes and we mentioned the importance of avoiding jeans every day. But let’s be honest! The absolute truth is that we love denim. It is comfortable, versatile and a basic essential in our lives. However, in these cold weather jeans or denim jackets are too cold to wear alone, so today we tell you how to wear jeans this winter and look fabulous.

Broken jeans + warm and feminine jacket

The contrast that you achieve with a super feminine garment and another more untidy make your outfit is interesting. Thinking about these little details makes all your style look more thoughtful and that a garment as simple as a pair of torn jeans is a perfect item. In addition, adding some heat in the top of your outfit will compensate for the cold denim of your jeans.

Jeans + denim jacket + leather jacket

By itself, a denim jacket will not cover much cold, but adding a leather jacket on top will keep you warm. In addition, it is an excellent option to dress in layers because if you start to raise the temperature, you can remove some clothes and continue to look spectacular.

Total denim + winter detail

The looks in which you dress completely in denim are the order of the day. It is a resource that reminds us a lot of the 90’s and that we love. The tip to successfully wear a total denim look is that you must use different shades of denim. This way your outfit will not show off. Add a winter detail, such as a jacket or a hat, and you’ll be ready to stand out.

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