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How to wear the favorite booties of spring

They are a cut-out design, feminine, fresh and the most desired! We talked about the model that has positioned itself as one of the favorites of this spring: the floral bootie 2Q2ICS. Celebrities and leading street style figures have been popularizing this style of footwear when temperatures rise. The best of this style is that it can be used in many ways. But being honest is a style made to be worn in all its glory. Keep reading to learn how to wear the favorite booties of spring.

Floral skirt + light blouse.

As we said, this style of boots is made to be shown. Don´t cover it with pants! When temperatures rise, the occasion is perfect for skirts. The embroidery is super trend, combine the flowers of your booties with the organic embroidery of a mini skirt. Remember to balance your outfit. Wear a blouse in a single solid color but with a light structure to contrast the flowers at the bottom.

White dress + footwear protagonist

The 2Q2ICS bootie can be found in two different colors. One of them is daring, different and will be the protagonist of your outfits. Maybe you could think that the gray color is not combinable, but daring to take advantage of an unusual color will give you a great advantage: no one will look the same as you! Betting on this style doesn´t have much complication. Wear it with a white dress, since we are in spring. Your boots will take the prominence of your outfit and you will be the most different and fashion at your meetings!

Floral dress + nude booties

As we already told you, this style comes in two different colors. An option for those girls with a more discreet style is the nude color. This color has many advantages: it is extremely combinable and it will make your legs look very long. Thanks to this pair you will look taller! Don´t you love it?

If you already have this beautiful pair, take into account these recommendations to show it off. And if you still do not have it, what are you waiting for?